Final countdown starts to conference 2017!

Date published
24 Mar 2017

Just days remain until this year’s national rural health conference in Wellington - will you be there? There's still time to register, and book flights and accommodation to secure your seat at the country’s premier rural health conference. The exciting line-up of keynote speakers and topics features:

Dr Peter Moodie (Is General Practice funding sustainable and equitable? Are Health Care Homes our salvation?), Norm Hewitt (family violence and bullying), Robyn Toomath (endocrinologist and diabetes specialist, author of “Fat Science”, obesity campaigner), Dr Eric Crampton (Head of Research at NZ Initiative - economic and policy thinktank and former University of Canterbury Economics lecturer), Matt Shirtcliff (mental wellness advocate/creative director), Dr Garry Nixon and Professor Ross Lawrenson (Does New Zealand need a rural school of medicine?), a PRIME Review panel discussion (Dr Tim Malloy, Tony Smith, Jared Stevenson, and Kate Stark) and water quality in NZ (Marnie Prickett).

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