Friendship formed through introductory course

Date published
28 Mar 2017

NZLocums three-day Orientation course is proving to be much more than an introduction to the New Zealand health system, it’s also opening doors to friendships for those completing it.

While the main focus of the Orientation course is to help introduce overseas doctors and practice nurses to various aspects of the New Zealand health system, it has also created a great opportunity for attendees to form a support network with others experiencing the same journey as themselves.

Two of our January orientation doctors recently caught up with each other, here’s what one of them had to say.

Pictured above - Alex Shaw with Dean Bunting and wife

“While at orientation, Alex was always enthusiastic; he made me feel welcome right away even though he was also coming in new,” said Dean Bunting MD.

“He helped me understand many cultural changes I would be running into and seemed at ease with the new electronic health record system enough to answer a number of questions for me.

“Alex also had great ideas for things to do for free time, or in the evenings and would offer to include others. I had hoped to visit him sooner but had kept fairly busy in Waimate and visiting the surrounding area.

“My wife and I were hoping to find him while visiting the community of Akaroa by visiting the office there.  It was exciting to run into him shortly after we arrived; he happened to be driving off the wharf [onto the road], after just finishing caring for a cruise ship patient while on call for the evening. He took time to show us around and introduce us to people who were staying with him, before going back to finish some paper work. We met after work the next evening to catch-up, he knew everyone we ran into, he has become the community's GP and much more - just as you would expect.”