There are doctors in the house!

Date published
4 Nov 2016

In what was a record attendance, 13 international doctors packed the house at NZLocums’ orientation course held from October 17-19 in Wellington.The three-day course provides a comprehensive introduction to the working environment in the health sector covering topics such as Medtech, Pharmac, ACC, IRD and banking

Pictured left to right are: Joshua Shulist from the USA going to Ashburton,
Robert Barry from the UK to Wairoa,
Willemijin Schaap from the Netherlands to Darfield,
Richard Williams from the UK to Rakaia,
Samantha Powell from the UK to Te Kauwhata and Buller,
Paul Ward from the USA to Waihi,
Katharina Stankowski from Belgium to Dannevirke,
Teun Visscher from the Netherlands to Wellsford,
Helen Clayson from the UK to Masterton,
Douglas Rolland from Scotland to Buller, Reefton and Westland,
Morijntje Schroder from the Netherlands to Wellsford,
Mohamed Hasaneen from Australia to Greymouth and
Alex Hetmanski from the UK to Oxford.

A few of the doctors have shared their stories on what they did the following day after orientation:

Helen Clayson 
Helen attended her grandchildren’s' school pet day. The categories included dogs, guinea pigs, chickens, calves, lambs and 'other'. The 5 year old was supposed to lead her dog Ginny around the ring to be judged, but Ginny had other ideas and wanted to rumble with a large dog who barked at her! We aborted the plan and went off, Kiwi-style, to buy a BBQ!

'I've been trained not to look at sheep'

“What a good dog, I can't imagine this event being allowed in UK!”

Douglas Rolland

“I had my first day at Buller Medical today. Induction day! My head is spinning, but the orientation course did help a fair bit. I even managed to see three patients. Westport was looking its best today in the sun, after a wet day yesterday when I arrived. They had a street festival tonight to celebrate the whitebait (fish) season. So I have met half the town already! And, more importantly, got invited to a BBQ tomorrow to watch the All Blacks on TV. Friendly little town!!! And a very friendly practice”


Richard Williams

“I have settled nicely in my sleep-out and the practice have been very welcoming. In fact everywhere has been welcoming: the gym/pool, the tennis club, the petrol attendant. I am beginning to think that Kiwis are just a cut above in terms of generosity of spirit.

Whilst the accommodation I’m staying in at the moment is just a sleep-out at the end of the garage, the couple who own it, who are away left me beers in the fridge and home cooked meals in the freezer. How keep me is that!!”

Willemijn schaap
“We’ve had a great day today, went into the mountains and saw beautiful landscape. Our day on Thursday, was a nice one too: with the ferry crossing: sunny! And some sea lions along the highway, very nice!


Samantha Powell
Paul Ward

Sam and Paul shared transport to their next destinations. Here’s a couple of photos they took along the way.

Joshua Shulist

“The house is amazing: we have a huge back yard for the boys with a garden. I have a 10 minute walk to my clinic and even downtown is a nice walk to do our shopping or go to the park or farmer's market. Mountains are 30 minutes’ drive and ocean just 20 minutes. We even saw a dolphin on our first trip out to the ocean. Unfortunately no white sandy beaches here but the water is too cold to swim in anyway without a wetsuit.”