Urban medical recruitment a new focus for NZLocums

Date published
22 Sep 2016

NZLocums Senior Relationship Manager, Sarah Maguire, has embarked on a new project after recently returning to the workforce following maternity leave.While NZLocums’ focus is first and foremost on the placement of General Practitioners and Nurse Practitioners into rural communities, in accordance with their Government recruitment contract, outside of the contract and under Sarah’s guidance, NZLocums has expanded its recruitment services to provide placements into urban locations.

Sarah Maguire pictured by Wellington waterfront

In her new role Sarah is building relationships with urban health centres to help source and match candidates to practices.

“Working with urban practices is something we’ve talked about for a long time. After returning from maternity leave, we thought it was the perfect time for me to lead this new initiative.”

Sarah has worked with NZLocums for six years. “I like working for NZLocums because our focus is on helping people and providing a good service.”

She will also remain involved in rural recruitment, looking after the Northland area.

Sarah enjoys many aspects of her role. “Every day is different. I’m talking with a diverse group of people, learning about their homelands, living, and working situations. I’m still learning about different locations and practices, even in New Zealand. I also enjoy the responsibility of helping candidates and their families through the recruitment process. When a candidate comes from overseas it’s a big deal. You’re the person they rely on to bring them to New Zealand, it’s satisfying to help them through this process.”

Before joining NZLocums, Sarah originally trained as a pilot, working as a light plane instructor before taking off to travel the world. She worked in South Korea, London and New Mexico in various roles while travelling. Sarah returned home to New Zealand and worked for two other recruitment agencies before joining the team at NZLocums.