NZLocums are the experts in helping GPs find a job in New Zealand which suits their needs. They nurse you through the registration
and immigration process and have a great induction program. Because they are a not-for-profit organisation they do what’s needed to
keep everyone happy and safe, not what makes them a profit.

Dr William Hall | UK | May 2022

Brilliant (Orientation) course that worked well virtually and gave a good idea of how New Zealand GP life will be and what we need to know. Would recommend.

Dr Naomi Le May | UK | February 2022

The orientation course was very nice: well organised, interesting speakers and it gave a good impression about the NZ Health System and the differences with the Netherlands.

Dr Tonnie van Hirtum | Netherlands | December 2021

I really enjoyed working with NZLocums. Jenny was a great facilitator in the process. The orientation course provides a good introduction to the health care system in New Zealand.

It is a lot of paperwork, but with the support offered, everything worked out well.

Dr Mads Dannesbo | Denmark | December 2021

NZ Locums Services has been vital in my decision making. My agent (Jenny) was so thorough and helpful for so many months. I could not have progressed with all the pile of paperwork if not for her help every step of the way. I understand that the orientation course was on its virgin zoom meeting and there were a few hiccups but smoothed out by Melissa.

Dr Dekshna Poneswari | UK | August 2020

NZ Locums does a great job of helping arrange all the important logistics for you prior to and when you first arrive in New Zealand. This helps take the stress of logistics off of you and really makes you feel supported from day one.

Dr Lauren Bull | USA | November 2019

NZ locums have been extremely helpful in facilitating the idea of working abroad. I was flexible about countries to go to but found them the most helpful when I attended the BMJ careers event in London.The support to complete all the documentation was invaluable (work visa, registration, finding a suitable placement etc) The 3 day orientation course on arrival in New Zealand was very useful and well organised.

Dr Simon Ball | UK | November 2019

The orientation course is a must if you’re new to working in NZ. A great initial grounding, and an opportunity to meet some other new GPs which can be great for building a peer support network (and friendships) when going out to work across NZ in some rural and remote locations.

Dr Douglas Rolland | UK | November 2019

I cannot see how I would be able to work in New Zealand as a GP without the knowledge gained in this course. I think this course is essential for any international GP who would like to work in New Zealand.

Dr Nelia Lourens | UK | September 2019

NZ Locums has been instrumental in allowing me to fulfill my dream of relocating to New Zealand and working as a GP here. They offered me guidance from the earliest stages till the orientation before starting work. I had a specific contact in NZ Locums who helped at every stage and was very responsive to any queries I had. The orientation material and programme were invaluable in getting me familiar with the workings of the NZ health system. I cannot thank them enough.

Dr Nicole Yuen | Singapore | July 2019

“Excellent course and time well spent. By the time I got to my practice in NZ I was already well acquainted with many of the programs, health records, protocols and drugs used. Highly recommend.”

Dr Dan Smithson | USA | January 2019

“A very supportive agency that has helped me a lot and giving me an assurance that things will be handled in the most professional and efficient manner. Without NZ Locum, my journey to NZ would have been impossible.”

Dr Hanafiah Hamidon | Malaysia | January 2019

“Very few services exceed one’s expectations, but this is certainly one of the few organisations that does exactly that. (The NZLocums orientation course is) the perfect place to start your journey into General Practice in NZ. Thank you.”

Dr Francois Terblanche | South Africa | January 2019

“Excellent team. Without the magnificent support from Sarah Fearon I could not be able to go through the complicated registration process. Moreover, Ayumi was impeccable organising the Orientation course. If looking for a professional team, these are the people I deal with.”

Dr Ernesto Rodriguez de la Cruz | Spain | December 2018

“NZLocums has been fabulous in managing and assisting the application & placement process. Attentive to any issues arising, it felt like
very personal care. Very speedy in response to any queries I had.”

Dr Andrea Taylor | UK | November 2018

“I looked at some for-profit recruiting agencies in my home country that offered placement in New Zealand, but NZLocums was so helpful without an outside recruiting service taking their cut. The orientation was 3 full days of information that was really helpful and necessary to hit the ground ready to practice in a new country.”

Dr Christian Haefele | USA | October 2018

“Any doctor who is interested in working as a GP in New Zealand should make NZLocums their first point of contact. Their support and guidance is excellent. You are helped through the various stages needed to register and work in the country, and the three day orientation course is the ideal introduction to the New Zealand healthcare system. I would highly recommend their service.”

Dr Peter Medcalf | UK | October 2018

“NZ locums is such a wonderful service. They helped me through the whole process of finding a job including thinking about visas, medical council registration, different areas in NZ and getting all the different forms done. They listened to what kind of job I wanted and came up with a range of options. Replied to emails promptly and were very friendly and patient. The NZ locum induction course was brilliant! A great way to meet other doctors in the same position as you and make friends to visit around the country. The sessions were all really useful in explaining how the GP system works including prescribing, sickness benefits and even how to use the IT system. I would highly recommend it to anyone who is moving to NZ to be a GP.”

Dr Lorna Wallace | UK | September 2018

“As a US physician for 30 years the NZ Locums course was very helpful across the many different knowledge and skill domains needed for practice in NZ and especially rural NZ.”

Dr Richard Neill | USA | August 2018

“NZ Locums has been SUPER helpful in many aspects of my move to NZ – not just the job-search arena. Sarah Maguire has gone above and beyond several times over – without her knowledge and assistance, there’s no way things would’ve gone as smoothly as they did. I am so thankful for everyone’s willingness to help in any way they can! The orientation course was a helpful overview of the nuances/differences in the healthcare systems from my home country. Thanks for everything!”

Dr Andrew Owen | USA | April 2018

“I think that the most difficult part of the process is the initial paperwork and getting the right information on the right documents at the right time. Whilst there are long periods of waiting, toward the last few weeks there is a lot to do. Forms are not intuitive especially for the NZ immigration. The team at NZlocums was very helpful in keeping the ball rolling and helping with queries. We felt that our relationships manager understood our needs and had a good handle on the situation. The orientation course was excellent. We felt that having already started our locum post, we knew what we needed to find out and were able to ask focused questions.”

Dr Salahuddin Malik | UK | March 2018

“What a perfect experience for all of us. Thank you for placing me at that clinic and that town. I’ve made lifelong friends and hope to return one day.  I’ve definitely referred other physicians your way. I have given you the highest recommendation! Thank you!”

Dr Lat Dorfman | USA | April 2018

“It has been great working with you all again this year, thanks for all your hard work on my behalf, both in finding me work, and then arranging me getting there, always with faultless efficiency, patience and cheerfulness.
I look forward to working with you in the coming year.”

Dr Rob Nash | New Zealand | December 2016

“NZLocums have been helpful and supportive from beginning to end. I would not have been confident about starting a locum post in New Zealand without their support.”

Dr Tony Pearson | England | December 2016 - April 2017 in Northland, North Island

“Very professional and helpful recruitment services, quick answers to emails.”

Dr Jackelien Geerlings | The Netherlands | December 2016 - December 2017 in Stratford, North Island

“NZ locums managed to provide a very organised and informative orientation course, in a very relaxed way. The variety of speakers ensured it never got tedious. NZ staff were very attentive and kind to all the new recruits.”

Bernadette O’Shea | Ireland | December 2016 - May 2017 in Westport, South Island

“I found this orientation programme very useful and relevant, giving a good insight into general practice in New Zealand. Topped off with a fantastic visit to Te Papa museum made it a valuable course.”

Dr Christopher Mulholland | Scotland | September 2016 in Alexandra, South Island (Permanent)

“A fantastic introduction to New Zealand General Practice, very informative and well organised.”

Dr Kate Dixon | Scotland | September 2016 in Alexandra, South Island (Permanent)

“Having the different government organizations come and speak with us about the services provided to people in New Zealand I now have more knowledge of what programs are available to help the patients I will meet.”

Dr Michelle Cunningham | Canada | September 2016 - May 2017 in Oamaru, South Island

“The orientation course was very helpful. Coming from the states, I had many questions about the New Zealand healthcare system and many of the topics were covered during this course. I feel much better about starting work in New Zealand after going through this course. It provided a very thorough overview of both day to day activities as well as a comprehensive framework for the healthcare system in general. It also provided an opportunity to ask questions regarding taxes and certain New Zealand laws that may differ from those in the states. I feel much better prepared to start my year in New Zealand working as a GP after this course.”

Dr Lee Silkman | USA | September 2016 - September 2017 in Gore, South Island

“NZLocums offered a great orientation course that made me feel much more prepared to practice medicine in New Zealand. It was a great opportunity to learn and meet other Locums.”

Dr Dara Arons | USA | September 2016 - July 2017 in Westport, South Island

“Thank you so much for your expertise in guiding me through this process, it made such a difference. I understand why NZLocums is so valuable as many doctors would be overwhelmed by the process without such guidance. Hope to see you when we return.”

Dr Debbie Allert | USA | December 2015 - January 2016 in Amberley, South Island

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