Living in New Zealand

The standard of living in New Zealand is comparable with all developed countries and luxury goods are readily obtainable. New Zealand is a free trade country with very few tariffs on imports which in turn allows access to overseas produced goods at realistic prices.

In New Zealand we drive on the left side of the road with similar regulations applicable to the UK but not everything is the same. Whatever country you’re coming from we recommend you watch this video from DriveSafe to keep you, and all other road users, safe.

Most licences will enable you to drive for a year in New Zealand before you need to transfer to a New Zealand licence and sit a theory test. If your licence is written in a language other than English you will need to arrange an international licence in your home country before you arrive here. Please check the Automobile Association (AA) website.

Cars are competitively priced with a large part of the market made up of reasonably priced cars imported from Japan. European models are also readily available.

The standard power supply in New Zealand is 240v 60hz. New Zealand uses a plug with three flat pins.

All parts of the country are easily and quickly accessed by a modern transport system. International flights are plentiful with major destinations departing daily. The Australian East Coast (Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Surfers Paradise), is approximately three hours flight from New Zealand international airports. Tropical islands such as Fiji, Tonga and Samoa are three to four hours flight.

Leisure pursuits in this country vary from lazing on a beach to skiing, mountaineering, fishing, hiking, boating in all forms, most forms of professional and amateur sport, plus theatre and the arts. We are proud of our world-class natural scenery made popular by the Lord of the Rings films. Tourism is one of New Zealand’s biggest income earners.

A wide range of culinary diversity is available at restaurants, with an excellent range of quality basic and exotic food being produced, so you can enjoy a variety of ethnic cuisine.

New Zealand is a beautiful and peaceful country enjoying a modern lifestyle with excellent facilities and a good standard of living. We have a culturally diverse population with many cultures living together.

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