Tax Exemption

Some countries have a double-tax arrangement (DTA) with New Zealand. Based on your length of stay here (usually a maximum of 183 days), you may not be required to pay tax in New Zealand, but you may be required to declare this in your own country.  NZLocums & NZMedJobs requires you to produce a valid Tax Exemption Certificate prior to your first payment, otherwise tax will be deducted. If you are eligible we will assist you to apply for your exemption certificate at the Wellington orientation.

If you are working in New Zealand and the total time you are in New Zealand from date of arrival to departure is less than 92 days you are exempt from New Zealand income tax. You will not need an exemption certificate for any work within this timeframe.

If you are resident in a country that does not have a double tax agreement with New Zealand, Non Resident Contractors Withholding Tax (NRCWT) of 15% will be deducted from your pay.

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